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Thinking of selling your home? Where do you begin? Who will you hire to sell your home? Who can you trust? What will you make of the current Real Estate market to get your home sold? It’s one of the biggest decisions that a homeowner can make and you want to make sure you get it right at day one.

You will find that I work very hard for my Sellers and my many, many, customers will confirm this to you. (Please feel free to browse through a few of my customer’s comments on the “Review” page). I value my customers and the trust they have in me to get their home sold. I’ve always been a committed Customer Advocate throughout my entire business career and your voice after the closing of your home sale, is my greatest gift as you’ll want to refer family and friends to me!

What can you expect from a Lynn Pineda Listing when selling your home?

To begin with, it’s important to understand that we’ll be marketing your home as the home of a future Buyer, through a Buyer’s eyes. Everything we do will be to attract a Buyer who is willing to pay top dollar for your home as quickly as possible.

  • When selling your home, your Home’s Condition having been well-kept, will bring about 50% of the Buyers who are looking for a home in great condition and about 40% will be looking for a home in good condition. With this in mind, know that well groomed attracts Buyers. Studies have shown that homes that are in excellent condition or good condition have resulted in prevailing higher prices offered by Buyers. Homes have sold for an average of 96% of list price when in better condition as compared to those homes that weren’t in tip top shape that sold for an average of 92% of the list price. Tips will be given to make sure your home is “sale ready“: We’ll discuss any recommended home preparations for selling your home that will include your home’s interior and it’s curb appeal.


  • Selecting a Price in which to sell your home in today’s Real Estate Market is critical. Together we will take a close look at neighborhood market statistics that will highlight what homes have sold in your area, what homes are currently under contract and what homes are your active competition in order to come up with a List Price for your home. My goal is to Sell your home and not simply List your home. This will result in your home gaining the attention of an interested Buyer so your home doesn’t languish on the market for months on end. You’ll attract the Buyers who can afford your home and those that have been looking for a home just like yours to call their own. Here are the top considerations in setting a price to sell your home. 


    • Neighborhood price points enable us to see what price a Buyer is willing to pay for a home
    • How motivated are Buyers in the current Real Estate Market?
    • Active, pending and closed homes on the market
    • Location, of course, and does your home back up to a major road, is it on the water or on the golf course?
    • Your homes condition
    • Your homes updates and/or upgrades
    • The features of your home
    • School district
    • Absorption rates which will let you know how long it will take to sell your home based on current inventory and the rate of sales from prior recorded month. As a Seller, you will want to see low Absorption rates offering you more price control. Whereas, a Buyer wants to see higher Absorption rates that will favor their price


  • Professional looking quality photos will be taken of your home showcasing your home in its best light. With technology what it is today in the 21st Century, nearly 90% of all Buyers start their home search online, searching the Internet and they want to see photos, lots of photos of high quality. If photos aren’t available then they’ll skip right over any listing that is lacking in such photos. I’m amazed at the number of Listings that I run across where the photos are either lacking in numbers and/or quality, that I just don’t get it and the worst part is that these Sellers likely have no idea of how poorly their home is being presented. Presentation will always be key. When I get to your home to take Photos, one of the first things I’ll do is go through your home and turn on all the lights – let there be light! Buyers want to see a brightly lit room plus, it makes almost any room appear beautiful.


  • Your home will have a Video highlighting your homes best features. It will present photos, descriptions, street maps, directions, local schools and more plus, your Video will have complimentary music to guide a Buyer through the presentation.


  • You’ll benefit from your home’s massive online Internet exposure through my powerful marketing that will reach Buyers locally, nationally and internationally maximizing marketing exposure. (Remember back to the point above where I told you that nearly 90% of Buyers search online for their home? Let it be your home that they find.) I have the skills and knowledge necessary to get your home in front of Buyers over the Internet. A good way in which to test my marketing ability is to “Google” my name, Lynn Pineda, and see what shows up. If I can’t market myself how could I ever think of effectively marketing your home for sale here in South Florida? You should be able to ”Google” any Realtor’s name and find pages of them over the Internet. Here’s where you’ll find your home listed for sale:
    • I have my Blogs and Websites to showcase your home for sale 




  • Lastly, and certainly not last on the list of things I’ll do, I understand the importance of keeping you informed all the way during the selling of your home whether it’s via the phone, email or text – just let me know your preference as you’ll hear from me regularly;
    • I’ll communicate to you regarding feedback about Buyer’s showings
    • If you have questions and/or comments, you’ll know you’ll be able to reach me promptly each day. I will never go missing!
    • Once you receive a Buyer’s offer on your home, you’ll be kept informed each step of the way from offer, to inspections, to appraisal, to Buyer’s loan commitment, more and right up to closing and beyond.

Go ahead and contact me for a confidential Listing consultation if your considering selling your home here in Coral Springs and South Florida. You can call me at 954-464-1100 or email me at: LynnP@ImagineYourHouse.com